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Joe Dockery

With a focus on empowering youth, Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) supports young people by encouraging the use of cutting-edge multimedia tools to communicate and share their ideas, demonstrate their potential, and take action where they live. In this AYV series of courses, teachers will learn software skills and become equipped to immediately pass those skills on to their students.

Teach your students how to create exciting and engaging digital stories! This 30-hour, hands-on course will explore how to use Adobe Photoshop Elements as a storytelling medium. We will start by learning basic digital photography techniques, focusing on quick and easy ways to incorporate this lifelong skill into the classroom. Then you will learn how to create slideshows that include music and narration using Adobe Photoshop Elements Organizer. Participants will take at least one field trip to take photos and utilize class time to experiment and create classroom projects. Finally, we will spend time exploring ways to use the powerful photo editor in Adobe Photoshop Elements as a communication tool.

Course objectives: Students will learn:

Workshop Teaching Strategy

I have created Flash based tutorials for all the projects we will cover. This method of teaching/learning might be new to you but I think you may find it extremely powerful once you get into it. By putting all my lessons into this web site you have control of your learning. You can go as fast or slow as your learning style requires. You can stop the lesson at any time and practice the techniques or ask me for more clarification. As you watch the tutorial, make sure to pause and practice the technique using the sample files. Once you complete a project, look at the agenda, and if you are ahead of schedule take the time to practice what you just learned to ensure that you understand the concept. You can also work on adapting any of my materials to suit your teaching needs.

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