Description: This self-paced workshop has something for everyone. It will focus on what you need to get started publishing on the web, including the basics of Adobe Dreamweaver, Flash, and Photoshop CS4. This workshop will utilize a series of self-paced online lessons, combined with one-on-one teacher interaction and group discussion. All participants will leave with a basic new website and a CD of online lessons to use with their students, or as a refresher for themselves.

Learning Resources

Since all my lessons are online you can immediately start using these lessons with your students or share them with the faculty at our school/district. I encourage you to personally take on projects that allow you to practice these techniques. Continue to read some of the excellent books that cover these amazing software applications, explore the many online resources and learn from your students as they push the limits. I have included a list of my favorite online learning resources.
When you attend my workshop I give you a DVD and handouts that contain a bunch of sample files that you are welcome to use while you practice the techniques in the workshop. I encourage you to start with these files and then experiment with the same techniques on your own images.

Adobe Flash Player: The tutorials in this workshop require Adobe Flash player be installed on your computer. If you don't have the latest version of Flash you can download it at