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Here are a bunch of projects that we do in Digital Imaging classroom. Many of the project combine Adobe Photoshop with Illustrator, InDesign, Flash and Encore.

For more great Photoshop and Illustrator projects go to Brain Buffet: This is one of my favorite new sites. Rob Schwartz will have your students eating out of his hand in no time. He is one of the coolest guys I know and his curriculum is design to provide students all the training they will need to pass the ACA exam!

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Business Card
Learning Objectives: Masking, gradient, alignment/guides, proximity, text

Once you finish your business card for your client, make another one for yourself. Try to design it so it fits your personality.

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Football Program (9:00)
Learning Objectives:
Selection/Filters/Smart Objects/filters/Painting on a layer mask



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Post Card (9:30)
Learning Objectives: Blend modes, Adjustment Layers and Mask Adjustments
*Size is 4.25 in by 6 in

Free Textures:

*Illustrator Extension: Have the students design the other side of the post card in Illustrator. Here are some layouts they should follow.

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DVD Label (9:44)
Learning Objectives: Resizing options, Filter Gallery and adjustments, Text on a Path



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Theater Slide
Learning Objectives: Part 1 (5:33) Save custom presets, working with guides, applying a vector mask
Part 2 (4:50) Double stroke, creating a new layer style and applying it
Part 3 (5:11) Working with gradients


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Photo Restoration
Learning Objectives: Part 1 (4:32) Duplicate layer, restoration tools, Red eye, spot healing brush
Part 2 (4:18) Patch Tool and Clone stamp tool, healing brush, spot healing, red eye and patch tools
Part 3 (3:30) The 3rd eye!-)

Books Photoshop Restoration and Retouching

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Import Video to Layers (4:27)
Learning Objectives: Importing Video to Layers and Masking
This is one of my skateboard/snowboard crews favorite thing to do. (example)
The video file ( is located in the photos/videoLayers folder.

Adobe Photoshop for Video Editors: This is an entire workshop dedicated to using Photoshop in my video classes.

Video Into Words: Clipping masks with Adobe Photoshop and Video
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Learning Objectives: Part 1 (4:36) Combining selection tools, refine edge, adjustment layers and blending
Part 2 (2:45) Multiply blend mode
Part 3 (3:11) Clipping Masks and layer groups

Grungy Text Tutorial
Vector file in the poster folder.

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Web Banner (7:50)
Learning Objectives: Photomerge, crop, Hue and Saturation, Save for web, text treatment

Ideas: Fall, Winter and Spring; Sports - rotate 2 weeks per sport each season, curriculum themes or highlighting a specific program.

More ideas
Ad Busters: Students cut an Ad out of a magazine and then do a spoof on it.
Magazine Cover
Logo Design: Great Illustrator Assignment
Bumper sticker/button
Take out menu for local small restaurant
Ads for the school newspaper
Contest – King County Library Card, Drug Free Washington, Doodle for Google, Don’t Give in to Fit In
Change a street sign
Photoshop Ping Pong
Shoe Design (see the folder in Photos for templates and a shortcut to the site.
Certificates for sports teams
Resume with Digital Art Work (my example) I put this together with Illustrator
Promotional Materials for Event
Examples: Poster | T-shirt | Program | Thank you card | Certificate