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Creating Video Graphics with Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the industry leader in computer graphic hands down. So when a video editor needs graphics designed for a project they look to Photoshop. The great thing about working with the Adobe Creative Suite is how tightly it is integrated. In these lessons you will have the chance to practice making graphics for Adobe's video editor Premiere, the DVD design software Encore and the motion graphics software After Effects.

Project 1

New Photoshop File (4:13)
When you want to create a graphic from scratch it is important to know what size and pixel aspect ration so the image will work with the video footage in the project. Try this technique out with my sample clips and save a preset. Then once you have some video footage from your video camera take the time to set this up for yourself.

Use Adobe Photoshop to create a Lower Third (9:52)
In this lesson you will create a lower third from scratch. You will learn how to work with the shape tool, adjust opacity, work with text and insert a graphic.

Import Lower Third into Premiere (4:13)
In this tutorial we will import the lower third graphic we created in Photoshop into Premiere, Adobe's video editing software. I will talk about the import options and how to add them to the video project. If you haven't started Premiere, just to the "Editing Photoshop file in Premiere Pro" page and check out "Getting Started".


Project 2

Sports Center Graphic (6:30)
In this lesson I wanted to give you a chance to make something a little more complex, practice applying some of those layer styles to your text and make an element that we can use with Adobe After Effects to drop video into a window within the graphic.

Selection (4:15)
In this lesson we will take our Sports Center graphic a little farther by adding MJ and learn about the selection tool and masking. *After this workshop if you want more practice with selection I have a bunch of lessons on my class web site that you can practice with.

Working with Photoshop Files in After Effects (6:22)
In this tutorial we will bring the graphic into After Effects and load the video clip into the panel we setup in Photoshop. I will also talk about what to do with the file once you finish in After Effects.

Two Techniques for editing the Photoshop File within After Effects (1:35)
In this lesson I will show you how to convert layers to editable text and reveal/reload the Photoshop file if you need to make changes.

Other Related Tutorials

How to import video frames onto layers (4:27)
My students have made some incredible images from their snowboard footage using this technique.
**Important: You can only do this with the 32 bit version of Photoshop. I have loaded both on my laptop but don't know what version you will be working with.


De-interlace (1:52)
This tutorial will show you how to take those lines off stills captured from video.