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Editing Photoshop file in Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a great video editor and one of things that make it so powerful is the way you can seamlessly work with Adobe Photoshop files within Premiere.

Getting Started (3:28)
In this tutorial I will review how to open the Premiere Pro project I set up for us to practice with and explain how to import some sample files.

Import Lower Third into Premiere (4:13)
In this tutorial we will import the lower third graphic we created in Photoshop into Premiere, Adobe's video editing software. I will talk about the import options and how to add them to the video project. This lesson is an extension from the Project 1 on the "Creating Video Graphics with Photoshop" web page.

Animating a multi-layered Photoshop sequence (12:36)

In this project you will learn how to import a multi-layered Photoshop file into Premiere Pro as a “sequence” and then easily animate it using key frames in the effects controls. You will learn how to:

  • Import a Photoshop file as a sequence
  • Nest sequences
  • Use the effects controls to animated the position of multiple layers
  • Work with key frames and easing
  • Launch and edit a Photoshop file from Premiere Pro
  • Add a drop shadow and stroke to a layer in Photoshop
  • Use a variety of keyboard shortcuts

Files *You will find this in the "Examples" folder in the psVideo folder.

  • Backup_logo_layers.psd is just a copy of the Photoshop file in case you make a mistake.
  • Saleen_Car.avi and Saleen_logo_Layers.psd are the video and Photoshop files provided by Adobe when you purchased Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Lesson02 contains the files for another animated logo. Inside that folder you will find “Prp2it_multicam.pdf” which is the step-by-step directions for this project from the Adobe tutorials web site Feel free to try this project if you have extra time.

Final Cut Using Photoshop .psd files in Final Cut Pro