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Tuesday AM

The way you composition each shot is the key to making interesting animations that tell a compelling story. It is also important that everyone in your team is using the same vocabulary so lets review a handful of the different types of shots and camera angles you can use in your productions.

Check out this great description of the shots with an image for illustration.


Use a digital still camera to create a photo story using a variety of camera shots and angles. Think carefully about how each type of composition will help to tell your story. For example, you might want to start with a wide shot to establish the setting and characters.



Now move onto the Transformation Project.

Additional Information

Field of View: Through the Window (9:05)
Using the Edges of the Frame to Conceal and Reveal
We can be better shooters, better editors and better visual storytellers if we
understanding and exploit the incredible power of the edge of the frame.

Take 5: 5 tips for Creative Camerawork (11:18)
Taking Your Shooting to the Next Level
Creative shooting requires creative thinking… and creative positioning. You need to be selective
to show your viewers unique perspectives. Chuck shares 5 shooting tips to help you get creative
with your camera.