Joe Dockery

Course Description

In this 30-hour course, you will learn to create stop-motion animation films using Adobe Premiere Elements. We will explore a variety of mediums including clay, legos, paper, pipe cleaners and white boards to create our animations. We will add music, dialog and sound FX using a variety of audio recording devices, stock libraries and Adobe Soundbooth. Digital video cameras, web cams, and digital still cameras will be used, so feel free to bring your own.

We will learn digital video terminology, explore the Premiere Elements interface,  and use tools to create transitions, titles, and perform basic editing functions. This class will also cover creating a DVD and exporting video to the web.

During the workshop, participants will work in teams to make curriculum-based projects that will become great examples to use with your students before they create their stop motion films. Participants will be provided with web-based tutorials they can use in their classroom or for staff development.

This course is supported by a generous grant from the Adobe Foundation Fund and Community Foundation Silicon Valley.


Course Objectives

Students will learn:

  1. The process for producing a stop-motion film, including: pre-production, production and post production.
  2. How to add narration and music to video clips.
  3. How to add transitions and effects to video clips.
  4. Titling, trimming, arranging and overlaying video clips.
  5. How to publish your video projects to DVD and the web.
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