Teaching Strategies

Friday PM

Great Teaching Guides

Youth-Powered Video, “A hands-on Curriculum for Teaching Documentary”
EVC: http://www.evc.org/ $75

This PowerPoint presentation on Documentaries in the Classroom is a gold mine.
“Classroom Documentaries the Mechanics of Storytelling” by Andy Carvin

The Video Workflow

>> Presentation

Video Equipment

Interview Questions
The questions need to be open ended so that you can’t answer with a yes or no.
Try starting them with:

Copyright Law – Check out the resources

  1. Make it yourself
  2. Get permission
  3. Buy the license

Work in Teams

Reach Out to the Community
Have your students reach out to people in your community. Most people love getting involved in a cool project. Then follow up with a big thank you DVD and a nice article in the paper naming everyone involved.

Now you should check out all the great resources I have for you.