Joe Dockery

Organizer (1 hour 15 min)

First we are going to start out with just some basics of using the Adobe Photoshop Elements Organizer. Please follow along with these tutorials. Make sure to pause the tutorial and do the same things that I am doing in Photoshop Elements. If you have any questions let me know. The images you work with might be slightly different than mine but don't worry. The techniques should work with any images. Classroom Projects

Now let’s use the “Create” option in the organizer to quickly create some cool classroom projects. In a three hour workshop you should keep things simple and focus on the learning process, not the finished product.

Where I am From Slide show

This a great way to get to know your students and a great lesson during a poetry unit. Your will write an autobiographical poem and gathering images that illustrate the poem. Then put it into a slide show with music and narration.